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WireCo WorldGroup Sells Lankhorst Yachting Division to Former Management

On November 12 2012, WireCo finalized the sale of The Lankhorst Yachting Division (Taselaar) and its German subsidiary Lankhorst Hohorst GmbH for 2.75 million Euros.  

Heero Smit, the current divisional managing director of Taselaar, together with the new commercial director Jarno Berkhof, reached an agreement with the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group (RLEG) and will lead the new company in all areas of future operations.

Due to Taselaar’s retail-focused business model, WireCo management determined Taselaar, its employees and customers, would be better served if Taselaar was to operate on their own and grow their business as they see fit. 

With the sale complete, Taselaar does not anticipate their customers will experience any business interruption.  Taselaar will retain its current staff of 26 employees and will continue to do business as usual in its current building. 

In recent years, Taselaar has become a reliable retailer in the water sports sector. With a wide range of products, skilled sales team and a loyal customer base, the company, despite the difficult market situation, is looking forward to a stable track record and success in the New Year.