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Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Camesa Cable Helps to Clean-up, Speed-up Wireline Industry

Smooth coating eliminates need for grease at drill site

Jeffrey S. Beeson
Corporate Communication
WireCo WorldGroup

Dustin Dunning
Western Hemisphere Sales Manager

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Camesa, a WireCo WorldGroup brand, announced the launch of EcoSeal, a new environment-friendly wireline for the oil and gas industry during the 2014 Global Petroleum Show in Canada. The new cable eliminates the need for grease injection systems and allows for faster rig-up time at the wellsite. The “double-seal” technology features an inner sleeve and a specially designed outer jacket, which will reduce the need for additional equipment and provide for a cleaner jobsite.

“We firmly believe this new product will be a game changer in the oil and gas industry,” said Dustin Dunning, Camesa’s sales manager. “After more than a year of research and design work by our engineering staff, field and trial testing, and quality control we are able to release a product that promises to speed up the wireline rig up process and provide a cleaner, more efficient cable.”

By using Camesa’s EcoSeal wireline, operators no longer need additional grease pumps which inject grease into traditional pressure control equipment, creating a cleaner and safer worksite. In addition, flow tubes and extended lubricators can also be eliminated, helping to reduce operation’s footprint.

EcoSeal’s smooth technology allows technicians to achieve higher running speeds without the loss of pressure control, and the dual polymer coating helps to eliminate common cable problems, including birdcaging and loose armor wires.
Camesa will begin taking orders for the new product in early October of 2014. Customers interested in the EcoSeal should contact their area sales representative or visit for more information.

About Camesa
Camesa, a WireCo WorldGroup brand, is the world leader in electromechanical cables for the oil and gas industry. Camesa engineers remain actively involved in developing new and improved products and manufacturing techniques for the next generation of EM cables. In addition to new products and innovations, Camesa’s revolutionary new Quality Verification System (QVS) uses state of the art technology to record continuous measurements of every quality check point during the manufacturing process to deliver the data needed to ensure full traceability to the manufacturing floor.

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