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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Camesa App Brings Engineers, Customer Service to Operators’ Pockets

New “Camesa Mobile” app allows operators to access product details and make calculations.

Jeffrey Beeson
Corporate Communication
WireCo WorldGroup

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Camesa, a global leader in electromechanical cable (EMC), announced the launch of its new mobile app to assist wireline operators in the selection and use of Camesa products. The first app of its kind from an EMC manufacture, the app empowers users by bringing product information and customer support to their fingertips.

The mobile app named “Camesa Mobile” offers several key functions that enable real time data collection by allowing customers to scan bar code tags to get product information and the ability to reorder products, helping to optimize inventory and reduce ordering mistakes. Also, notification features can alert customers of production and new product information. 

“As we continue to help our customers work more efficiently and effectively, we believe Camesa Mobile will not only save them time and money, but will play a vital role in their inventory management,” said Dustin Dunning, Camesa sales manager. “This new app will allow operators to get important information and make crucial calculations in the field or at the office.“

Camesa Mobile features industry specific calculators, including drum capacity, short locator, weak-point locator and sinker bar weight, to assist in the selection and use of Camesa wirelines. In addition, the app allows customers to have instant contact to customer service information and assistance.

It can be downloaded for free at Android or Apple App stores.

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