At WireCo WorldGroup, wire has always been fundamental to what we do.  It’s literally part of our name.  Often taken for granted, our wire is transformed into systems that save lives.
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Quality Processes

Attention to quality permeates every step of our operations.

It starts with our raw materials — We use only suppliers that meet our controlled qualification process.

In our day-to-day manufacturing process, our written procedures clearly document how we produce each product. Each person measures and monitors product compliance with specifications at each step in the process. Written sign-offs and random audits ensure accountability.  If a product ever fails to meet specifications, a quality-hold process halts production until an engineer decides if the product must be scrapped or recycled.

On an ongoing basis, our quality department works with plant managers to set and attain quality-related goals. We identify best practices in each plant and share them from plant to plant.

We monitor and measure quality performance of the product we produce. Through Internal audits we monitor the Key processes within the company’s management systems. Results are tracked and analysis for possible improvement.

In the field, we measure and monitor the product itself through observation and sophisticated testing. The results, along with customer feedback, enable our engineers to design new or improved products.

The result: WireCo WorldGroup’s products and processes hold many global quality certifications, which meets our customers' needs.