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Oil and Gas

Your business is to PRODUCE; ours is to supply your global, mission-critical products designed especially for the oil and gas industry.

For the oil and gas industry, finding and accessing new sources of energy depends on global availability of extraordinarily tough drilling lines, geophysical cable, offshore mooring ropes and electromechanical cable that let you explore and extract resources buried deep beneath the earth’s surface.

At WireCo WorldGroup, we’re known for our:
•    Global availability
•    Product quality that exceeds industry standards
•    Innovation and engineered solutions
•    High-volume capacity
•    Superior technical expertise
•    Industry experience and on site advice

We invite you to explore what’s behind WireCo WorldGroup’s hard-working oil and gas products:

You can count on Union drilling and sand lines for all your needs.  With time-tested and industry-proven products such as, TUF-FLEX, Tuffy Balanced Drill line(TBL) and Flex-X9, you can rely on results from their unique designs to provide you with the most cost-effective and maximum service life wire rope that will help keep you producing on your rigs each day.

With our offshore product offerings, we can supply a wide range of offshore steel wire ropes for mooring and anchoring, towing, lifting (crane), riser tensioners and drilling applications, all produced in our own factories.

Above Platform
Accessing the most durable, efficient and strongest wire rope when and where you need it for your pedestal cranes is literally what keeps your project on track. You face ever-changing requirements, tight schedules, and hazardous working conditions. We have a large portfolio of crane ropes to select.  Whether your application calls for CASAR’s PARAFIT or Starlift Xtra, you can rest assured all of our products meet the most exacting standards for efficiency.

Below Platform/Deep water Mooring
As oil and gas companies go to deeper waters offshore, they rely on our expertly engineered, polyester ropes and high modulus polyethylene ropes to provide both permanent and temporary moorings.  As the only deep-water rope supplier with a dedicated synthetic fiber rope test machine, we are able to assist naval architects to run ‘what if’ scenarios to simulate the effects of storms, hurricanes and loop current events on deep-water mooring lines.  Our products, GAMA 98® Rope, MODULINE® Rope, GAMA® Rope made with DYNEEMA® and Lankofirst Deepwater Rope Connectors are world-renown for their reliability and performance.

When you are drilling deep into the Earth’s surface to determine the geophysical make-up of your well, your job requires high resolution information about rock and fluid properties in order to get the job done.   Our Phillystran Aramid fiber can do just that.  They are non -metallic Aramid fiber ropes manufactured in a stranded construction with a durable extruded thermo plastic jacket. The result is a product that is 1/5th the weight steel wire ropes for longer lengths of cable and also resistant to water corrosion and ultraviolet light. 

Camesa continues to be a world leader in EM cable and an innovator in several unique manufacturing techniques including multi-stage preforming and continuous hot pre-tensioning, which directly contribute to the overall uniformity and quality of our cables. Camesa engineers remain actively involved in developing new and improved products and manufacturing techniques for the next generation of EM cables. In addition to new products and innovations, our revolutionary new Quality Verification System (QVS) uses microscopic enhancement to record minute measurements of wirelines to deliver the data you need to back up quality control claims. 

For over 30 years, we have been producing innovative polymer based technical solutions that stand the test of time. Lankhorst's high-quality engineering products for sub-sea risers and flow lines, use a unique thick-walled plastic moulding technology that has a proven track record of high performance to meet the demands of the offshore industry.