WireCo WorldGroup products move millions of tons of material daily, providing mankind with the precious resources upon which it has come to depend.
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Your business is to UNEARTH; ours is to supply your global, mission-critical wire rope needs for open–pit and shaft mining operations.

The mining industry relies on being able to access the world’s scarce resources in the most cost-effective way possible. WireCo WorldGroup delivers the most durable wire rope products when and where you need them most. Count on extraordinarily tough hoist, drag, and ancillary lines, specialty lifting ropes for deep-shaft mining, and the engineering expertise to extend your reach deeper and deeper beneath the surface.

At WireCo WorldGroup, we’re known for our:

  • Global availability
  • High-volume capacity
  • Quick turnaround
  • Technical expertise

We invite you to explore what’s behind WireCo WorldGroup’s hard-working wire rope products, namely our:

WireCo WorldGroup also provides a world of industry solutions for customers in the construction, heavy industrial, oil and gas, fishing, maritime, OEM, and structures businesses.