The strength, versatility and aesthetic possibilities of wire rope give architects and engineers the freedom to design and build structures’ that could only have been dreamed of just decades ago.
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WireCo WorldGroup — at Work Supporting Today’s Architectural Structures

When the time comes to replace an old highway structure, it is also an opportunity to build something as artistic as it is functional. A stretch of a Michigan interstate has undergone such a transformation.

As part of a $55 million upgrade to I-94 between downtown Detroit and the airport, the Gateway Bridge replaced a previous 4-span structure. The graceful arches soar 70 feet above a concrete deck that links east and west abutments with a single 246-foot span.

WireCo Structures supplied hanger assemblies: 1-5/8-inch and 1-1/2-inch ASTM A586 structural strand with Class C coated wires — throughout.

Architectural Structures

Your business is to TRANSCEND; ours is to supply the global, mission-critical wire and wire rope you need to artfully span great distances.

For the design community, marrying extreme static load requirements with enduring aesthetic value is critical for today’s suspension bridges and special design applications. From the 728-meter span of California’s new Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge to Kansas City’s Bartle Hall — the largest, column-free exhibit space in the U.S., WireCo WorldGroup delivers the world’s most versatile, enduring, and graceful structural assemblies.

Our in-house experts work hand in hand with architects and contractors to ensure compliance with the most stringent requirements. We’re known for our:

  • Global availability
  • Technical expertise
  • Exacting quality standards
  • Problem-solving approach

We invite you to explore what’s behind WireCo WorldGroup’s wire and wire rope, namely our:

WireCo WorldGroup also provides a world of industry solutions for customers in the construction, heavy industrial, mining, fishing, maritime, oil and gas, and OEM businesses.