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In this industry, the name of the game is highest strength and longest life.  And that’s where WireCo WorldGroup excels.
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Alternative Energy

WireCo WorldGroup, through its Union wire rope brand, has been the market leader in the energy markets for decades.  Whether drilling or mining for our natural resources, we have provided the best product solutions and technical support in the wire rope industry.  With the largest staff of professional engineers and metallurgists in the market and our ISO registered factories, we can deliver…quality.

As new alternatives for energy develop around the world, WireCo WorldGroup will provide the best solutions to those application problems as well.  If your company builds products to tap into renewable sources of energy like the sun, wind or water…count on WireCo to have the products and engineering support needed.  We already supply many of these applications and markets with their needs for hoisting and anchoring systems.  Our Union assemblies can be found in solar arrays as well.  Other products we produce play a key role in expanding the power grid.

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