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At WireCo WorldGroup, wire has always been fundamental to what we do.  It’s literally part of our name.  Often taken for granted, our wire is transformed into systems that save lives.
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Innovation & Quality


Our reputation for quality and innovation is intentional. Our customers demand it.

WireCo WorldGroup’s focus on innovation and quality starts with the people we employ. Professional engineers work in every aspect of our business – from metallurgists in manufacturing and purchasing to licensed engineers in quality control and product development. The depth and breadth of technical expertise throughout our company is a value-added benefit for our customers. In fact, WireCo WorldGroup employs more professionals with technical degrees than any other industry supplier.

Our quality processes then drive consistent results, from product engineering to each meticulous step of actual production. Using global best practices, advanced metallurgical and fiber technology, sound engineering, and client feedback, WireCo WorldGroup produces mission critical wire rope, synthetic rope, wire, synthetic yarns, electromechanical cable and engineered products for diverse industries from marine to oil and gas.

For any company, the litmus test of quality is the global recognition of excellence and consistent compliance with top quality standards. WireCo WorldGroup products and processes are certified to key international quality standards. In fact, we believe we are the only wire rope manufacturer worldwide that is QPL qualified, API certified, and registered to both ISO 9001:2008, Lloyd's Registry and AS-9100 Quality Systems.

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