Angesichts versiegender Energiequellen gehen Geologen und Forscher bis ans Ende der Welt, um neue Lagerstätten zu finden. Und das Drahtseil ist das Werkzeug, das sie zum Ziel bringt.
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Armed with an arsenal of fishing rope brands, including Royal Lankhorst Euronete, Oliveira, Camesa and Drumet, WireCo can offer globally in stock, customized products specifically for your fishing applications.

As the largest producer of fish netting in the world, we continue to lead through world class research and development into high performance fishing materials and products. This breadth of knowledge and resources enables us to work with our customers in overcoming the many commercial and engineering challenges they face in a competitive global business environment.

Our trademarked brands such Green Strand®, Super Yellow Fin®, Super Atlantic® and Zincal Compact® offer a wide variety of features such as high resistance to abrasion, excellent performance in tough working situations, higher breaking strength and fatigue resistance, all specifically engineered for your fishing applications.  In addition, Oliveira is proud to offer technical support, not only during the purchasing process, but on board your vessel.

At WireCo WorldGroup, we’re known for our:

  • Global availability
  • High-volume capacity
  • Quick turnaround
  • Technical expertise and support

We invite you to explore
what’s behind WireCo WorldGroup’s hard-working fishing nets, wire and synthetic ropes and related fishing gear, namely our:

  • Proven products designed especially for fishing:
    • Netting and Twine – Royal Lankhorst Euronete
    • Ropes – Royal Lankhorst Euronete
    • Net Twine – Royal Lankhorst Euronete
    • Combination Ropes – Royal Lankhorst Euronete
    • Net Hardware – Royal Lankhorst Euronete
    • Marine Hardware – Royal Lankhorst Euronete
    • Steelwire Ropes - Oliveira

WireCo WorldGroup also provides a world of industry solutions for customers in the mining, heavy industrial, maritime, oil and gas, OEM and structures businesses.