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New San Francisco Bay Bridge Project Nearing Completion: WireCo Suspenders Installed

WireCo WorldGroup is making headlines, again. After several years of work, construction of the new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is nearing completion and is expected to be finished in September 2013. With a single span of 385 meters this bridge will be the world’s longest single span, self-anchored suspension (SAS) bridge.

Since the project’s start several of WireCo’s massive 10’ wire reels have been used to aid in the construction and, recently, 90% of the 200 suspender cables supplied by WireCo were installed on the new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. WireCo is pleased to report that installation of the suspender cables are moving forward as planned and all critical delivery schedules have been met. These suspenders will not only hold the roadway that is expected to carry daily traffic exceeding 280,000 vehicles, but they will also give the bridge its aesthetic and worldly appeal.

As the main structural component of the bridge the suspender cables had to be precisely engineered to meet exact length, diameter and tolerance requirements. WireCo specially engineered 75mm and 90mm wire rope suspension hangers for this project. These suspension cables provide the only connection between the floating bridge box girders and the tower, allowing the structure to be the first suspension bridge with no connection between the tower and the deck. WireCo also supplied the hand rope assemblies that allow access to the 2.56-foot diameter main cable.

The American Bridge/Fluor Joint Venture (ABFJV) awarded WireCo WorldGroup the contract in 2008 to supply cable suspenders, cat walks and hand ropes for the construction of the new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. The new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is a true engineering marvel and WireCo WorldGroup is proud to be a part of it.


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