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To some it’s just rope, cable, or wire. To us, it’s the critical element to anchor, pull, lift, suspend, transmit or move your world. Wire rope is a fundamental building block of today's industrial society.
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Global Job Openings

Position Location Contact Name Contact Information
R & D Engineer Cuautitlan Joaquin Barrios
Sales Manager Germany Andreas Schmeiss
Plant Operations Manager Germany Markus Stieren
Process Analyst Specialist Germany Markus Stieren
Manager Le Guilvinec DC Max Dufour
Representative Le Guilvinec DC Max Dufour
Mounting Foreman Le Guilvinec DC Max Dufour
Customer Service Representative Poland Magdalena Pelo
Wire Sales Manager Poland Piotr Milewski
Chief Accountant Poland Piotr Redlinski
Sales Representative Portugal Rodrigo Sa'
Production Assistant Portugal Rocha Pereira
Human Resources Technician Portugal Jose Arteiro
Employee HSE Sneek Alex de Groot
Continuous Impvovement Specialist EMC Vallejo Alfredo Delgado