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  • New drag rope can increase service life up to 110%

    WireCo’s Union unveils new PowerMax PLUS wire rope

    WireCo WorldGroup has just introduced PowerMax® PLUS, a drag rope that increases time intervals between resockets and end-for-ends—typical preventative maintenance procedures for draglines.
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  • Union Rope Releases New USB Cut-Off Program

    Union Cut-Off Program on USB can provide enhanced cost saving results

    Union Rope has announced the development of an advanced Union Cut-Off Program that can calculate, log and track the service life of drill lines, which is now available on USB flash drives. Read more.

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WireCo WorldGroup is the world's leader in manufacturing, engineering, and distributing wire rope, synthetic rope, specialized assemblies, wire products and electromechanical cable. With true global reach, WireCo WorldGroup can deliver the right products for your equipment and application no matter where your worksite might be.